Release 1.0.1

Features added

  • Add Class.extra_paths for controlling object path indexing.
  • Add Class.filter_hide_from option.

Defects fixed

  • Fix handling of class _properties and _relationships.
  • Prefix ExtJS components to avoid conflicting zenpacklib versions.
  • Fix handling of Class property types.
  • Fix py_to_yaml for ZenPacks that subclass ZenPack.
  • Remove superfluous YAML type hints from py_to_yaml conversion.
  • Fix “Unable to find TEMPLATE_ID” installation error.
  • Base component status on events in /Status event class.
  • Fix removal of objects when PyYAML isn’t installed.

Release 1.0.0

Features added

  • Added ability to define ZenPack with YAML.
  • Added support for model classes and relationships.
  • Added support for zProperties.
  • Added support for device classes.
  • Added support for monitoring templates.
  • Added create command for creating ZenPacks from the command line.
  • Added lint command to check YAML for correctness.
  • Added class_diagram command to create yUML class diagram from YAML.
  • Added dump_templates command to export monitoring templates to YAML.
  • Added py_to_yaml command to convert old Python specs to YAML.
  • Added version command to print zenpacklib’s version.